Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Casual levelling diary - week 5

Day 30
Reached level 20 which will speed things up because I get a mount. The focus at the moment remains levelling rather than gold. So my gold has dropped to 280 while I stockpiled herbs to make the inks I will need for levelling from 151 to 225. I am probably only selling a few glyphs on the days I post. Because my paladin is retribution I also get speed bonuses for my movement from the talent Pursuit of Justice (+15% ) very important when time limited.
I spent most of my time just levelling inscription which reached 198 out of a maximum of 225, my approach to levelling is quite simple. Every 5 points gained two glyphs are unlocked which are worth 3 points so I check which glyph sells for the most on the auction house and make this. Sometimes I can get the 3 points for both glyphs and as a result I put on 48 points in one session.

Day 31-32
The world event Love is in the Air starts today which opens up 2 additional daily quests, one of which can be done in Stormwind. Because the second daily quest at this level requires a trip to Darkshore I will leave that one until I reach level 23 when it switches to Darkshire, a zone I will be questing in already.
Inscription levelling has slowed down now with a gain of around 3-4 points each day. Because the glyphs I make to level often have a high supply on the auction house I sell these at loss if necessary. The ones I am making a profit on I make a note of. Glyph trading is pretty tough Monday-Thursday on Terokkar-EU but I make a few hundred gold most weekends. This works out quite well as it means I can concentrate on levelling on the other days and just buy herbs at low cost when available.
I reach level 21 from daily quests.

Day 33
Inscription reaches the level cap of 225, at this point I can make a few glyphs using Celestial Ink but I am relying on the auction house for most of my herbs (Herbalism has barely reached 100). I am avoiding having to spend a session purely levelling herbalism for now.

Day 34
Up to level 22 and one level away from unlocking the extra daily in Darkshire. Mobs seem to be no match for me even in low level quest rewards. At some point I may have to think about buying some better gear on the auction house but that time seems a good number of levels off. I may try to get an instance run at some point, probably after the current world event ends. I will need to get a shield and 1 handed weapon so I can queue as a tank though, it may even be worth changing my spec to Protection at that point while doing instances.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Love is in the Air – the daily quests

The world event love is in the air has added two daily quests for the next couple of weeks. What this means is more xp going to a smaller number of my characters.

There is one daily that can be completed without leaving the capital plus another that can be done once a short quest chain (also capital based) is completed. The second daily is outside of the capital but doesn’t take too long once you have the flight paths to it.

For example at level 32-40 it will take you to Dustwallow Marsh. I timed this and to complete both normal dailies and the world event dailies took 21 minutes, they seem to give comparable xp to the cooking and fishing dailies. In addition there is a daily quest to give a charm bracelet to the various faction leaders which is made from Lovely Charms which seem to have a chance of being collected every time you kill a mob (not just humanoid) that grants xp. The mobs for the daily quest will drop these so little extra effort is needed.

Three days into the event and I have unlocked these dailies on all my characters on Magtheridon EU. The four dailies bring in around a third of a level in xp.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Casual levelling diary - week 4

After a rather slow week, things finally started to fall into place on week 4.

Day 22
Reached level 17 with more time available to level and less being spent on inscription as I approach the current level cap of 150. The routine is to run dailies buy out any cheap herbs that I can afford and then fly to the nearest quest hub in Westfall where I normally have time for 2-4 quests. I am learning to hate the fishing daily Rock Lobster, eventually I used the tactic of staying near to one of the ramps leading into the water for a quick escape.

Day 23
I Bought 4 Neatherweave bags to help with the inscription mats I am carrying around, inscription is now 146 and gold left is 326.

Day 24
Inscription reaches the level cap of 150 and I start stock piling the herbs I will need to make Jadefire Ink. I will make the ink once I can learn Expert Inscription.

Day 25
Level 18 and I am looking forward to getting a mount at level 20 which will speed things up a lot, at the rate I am levelling I will probably skip a zone at some point (maybe Redridge?)

Day 26
Gold now stands at 458, the auction house on Terokkar is still much slower than I have encountered elsewhere although this is probably not helped by the fact that I am only posting in the mornings. I am keeping a record of glyph sales and current prices. I am not really concentrating on making gold though at this time.

Day 27
Level 19 reached and I am still questing in Westfall, some of the quest mobs are green to me although the quests are amber.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Casual levelling diary - week 3

A pretty quiet week, with just doing the daily quests and levelling inscription. It took almost a week to gain one level because I had no time to do any additional quests.

Gold was hard to come by during the week, however I slowly closed in on maxing out my inscription skill to the cap of 150. Once I reach that I will have more time for questing.