Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Casual Levelling Diary – Week 2

Days 8-12
With things stalled on the AH side all I could do with inscription was research additional minor glyphs.
It took time for me to learn my way around Stormwind so that I could complete my daily quests quickly. The Alliance seems to have slightly more difficult quests, especially ‘Rock Lobster’ where the level 85 sharks are a real menace.
The remaining time is spent doing a few quests in Goldshire. I reached level 14 this way.

Day 13
After re-posting each day my first glyph finally sold for 15g, this gave me enough gold to buy enough herbs to make 3 glyphs. I selected these by looking at what glyphs gave me the best skill ups (i.e. orange-amber-green) and checking the current price on the AH. As my range of glyphs improve so will my sales per day from them. I had also collected a stack of Stringy Wolf Meat and I put this on the AH for 55g which undercut the only other listing on the AH. To my surprise this sold which together with the two glyphs I sold by the following day gave me over 100g.

Day 14
With a nice sum of gold I was able to buy enough herbs to make 10 different glyphs as well as starting to make Lion’s Ink. At this point I didn’t have time to do any questing other than dailies, I reached level 15 however. Even after purchasing herbs up to the value of 50s each I still had 20-35g left over. This gave each glyph sold a profit of around 7.5g which I used to buy herbs for more inks. Each time I sold a glyph a made a note of it. This will help later when I focus on which glyphs to make regularly, doing this will leave more time for levelling. I will probably spend 15 minutes once a week making inks and glyphs and then just replacing sold glyphs each day and reviewing each week. This method has worked on other realms with inscription skills of around 150.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Casual levelling diary - week 1

Since cataclysm launched WoW has become even more casual friendly than before. Not everyone can find the opportunity to play for hours at a time, but it is more than possible to level to maximum level while just playing in 30 minute periods. Not only can you reach maximum level but by spending some time on the auction house each day it is possible to have a nice amount of gold.

Of course if you can never play for more than half an hour a lot of content while remain out of reach, however it probably is possible for most people to find longer periods of time occasionally.

To this end I created a new character on a realm where I have no other characters and I am levelling just playing 30 minutes each day. I hope to post each week my daily progress.

Day 1
I waited until a realm I had no characters on became one designated for ‘New Players’, so fate selected Terokkar EU as my home. I selected alliance as my faction and because I will be making use of the daily quests which are in Stormwind I created a Human character. The other alliance races can also reach Stormwind quite easily. Because this is going to be my only character on this realm I picked a class that had good survivability and was reasonably fun to play. So I created a Paladin, they have good self healing from quite a low level and can fight multiple mobs when it is required.

An experienced player can go from level 1 to 5 in under 30 minutes simply by doing the quests in the start zone. I still had enough time to run to Goldshire and visit the profession trainer there. To speed my journey to level 10 I selected two gathering professions that give xp, Herbalism and Mining. These professions also improve survivability although I planned to drop mining for inscription at level 10.

Day 2
I picked up all the quests available in Goldshire (which I also made my home) and sorted them by difficulty, most quests are nearby at this point and I want to get XP quickly. By the end of my first hour I was at level 7. With my bags filling up I started put a few things into the bank in Stormwind. Later on I will sell the ore I have gathered on the auction house while keeping the herbs to level inscription to 75.

Day 3
I reached level 8 and was well on my way to level 9.

Day 4
I didn’t quite make it to level 10 but should be able to do my first cooking and fishing dailies the next day.

Day 5
I reached level 10 and made Stormwind my home. I learned cooking and fishing and bought a fishing pole and a shiny bauble for use in my first fishing quest. It is worth getting your fishing skill to at least 25 the first time around. I noticed that the horde seem to have better luck with fishing in the capital as I collected a lot of grey items fishing which never happened on my Horde characters. I finished up by selling Ore and a couple of green items on the auction house.

Day 6
After doing my dailies I spent the rest of my time levelling inscription. After selling things on the auction house I had just over 15 gold and I had to buy some extra herbs to get to 75 inscription. I made Enchanting vellums and Moonglow Inks to level. At level 75 Minor Inscription Research and I use this every day to unlock extra glyphs. I had to buy the herbs to make midnight ink and this used up most of my gold, the herbs used to make midnight ink are selling for 35-50 silver each which means a stack is 7-10 gold so cashflow is an issue. In hindsight maybe I should have kept mining for a few more levels.
The first glyph I learned was Fading so I made one and put it on the auction house, the current price was 29 gold.

Day 7
Competition for my one glyph was pretty tough and demand low so it would be 6 days before I sold my glyph(for 15 gold) and the price of herbs stopped me from being able to buy stacks but just a few here and there. It is probably a better idea to keep two gathering professions until you have enough gold to buy a few stacks of herbs to make a number of glyphs rather than just one.
After doing my dailies I still had around 15 minutes left for questing and during this I collected some more herbs to help raise a little extra gold. I reached level 11, things will get easier from here on in Goldshire. I don’t intend to leave this zone until I have completed most of the quests as the mobs will still give XP up to around level 15. Once I leave Goldshire travel time will start to become a factor. I found that I used up most of my rested XP in around 15 minutes of questing/gathering

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Levelling Alts using the new daily quests

I had some technical problems over the holiday period, so no internet (or phone) and no WoW.
When I did get back online I discovered the cooking and fishing daily quests in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. These are a really good way of levelling alt characters, they are available from level 10 and offer XP that scales with level. The cooking quests do not require any cooking although you will need level 1 in the skill, some of the fishing quests do require fishing and it is best to use a lure to get up to level 25. Doing both of them usually takes me 10-15 minutes which means I can run them on a lot of characters, in fact it is possible to level a character just doing these quests.

The fish caught while doing the fishing quests can be used to level cooking as well, the recipes are available from Thunder Bluff (for the Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance) except the Longjaw Mudskipper which you can get from Ironforge
Brilliant Smallfish (up to 85)
Longjaw Mudskipper (50 to 130)
Bristle Whisker Catfish (100 to 180)
To get the best out of these dailies and rested XP I have been doing just the dailies and doing quests once I have enough rested XP to reach the next level. As a result I am currently levelling no less than 15 characters at the same time, although I don’t mange to do dailies on them all each day. I have a couple of hours available in the mornings and this allows me to do dailies on around 7 characters. The XP from these quests increases as you level although not proportionately so.
Level 10 = 13% of a level or 26% for both quests (XP is also earned from any mobs killed)
Level 15= 10% of a level or 20% for both quests (by this point little or no XP come from the mobs)
Level 20= 9.5% of a level or 19% for both quests
Level 30= 8% of a level or 16% for both quests
And so on, by level 80 the quests only offer 1.5% of a level each. However by this point there are other daily quests available.

Currently I am levelling characters between levels 10-39 using this approach and I am looking out for any other daily quests as I go. This seems to be the only one (for the Horde but there is an Alliance alternative) at Krom’gar Fortress which is available from level 24 to 30. This quest offers another 15%-10% and takes around 10 minutes including travel time from Orgrimmar.
So using daily quests and rested (usually takes no more than 30 minutes) I can expect to level up;
10-23 every 4 days
24-30 every 3 days
I don’t have data for the levels above this but indications are it will be 5 days above level 30. Also guild level increases the quest XP (all the above have no bonuses).

I would recommend taking Archaeology at level 20 and using it whenever a dig site is nearby