Friday, 12 August 2011

King Slacker?

I have recently been spending a bit of time on my only level 85 character. A Death Knight (of course) who I had gradually got to level cap just before patch 4.2 was released. Because I wanted to do the new dailies it meant doing most of the Hyjal quests, although I had levelled in Vashj’ir. I still had a lot of zones to complete and ended up hoping from one zone to the next without completing any. As a result I only unlocked the Deepholm quests a week ago, still at least now I can do my 25 daily quests (2 in Orgrimmar, 7 in Deepholm and 16 in Firelands). I don’t always manage to do them everyday either.

I had been languishing in the lower level of our guild up until a couple of weeks ago. Our guild is far from hardcore, we reached level 18 yesterday and have our 2nd anniversary coming up next week. In fact we embrace our reputation as slackers. This has allowed me to ‘stealth’ my way into the top ten on the lifetime guild activity list, I would have only been 11th but we kicked out some people who had been inactive for over 3 months. In fact last week I was top of the weekly activity, largely due to completing the Deep into Deepholm achievement before moving on to Uldum. After one day of this weeks dailies I am comfortably ahead on weekly activity of all those ahead of me on the lifetime list.

I found it necessary to gear up in order to make the Firelands dailies less of a struggle, you see I haven’t been inside an instance since Azjol-Nerub (the only instance I have completed on this character). A trip to Ask Mr Robot showed me how to get some AH gear up to the job, I still lack a few pieces and have some reputation to grind for others. However it shows you can gear up without grouping if you have some gold to spend, I have probably spent over 45k gold so far. 27k on a weapons alone! Fortunately my mining ‘research’ in Outlands has led to a steady stream of gold as well as from Herbalism/Skinning on my DK. It is well worth taking your time in Firelands as there are plenty of mobs to skin. In spite of this my gold is very much depleted.