Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Inscription - 5k gold in 3 weeks

I have had a bit of a rough week and even now am suffering from ‘Man Flu’. On my second box of paper tissues now. I have managed to spend a little time developing my scribes on Magtheridon and Mazrigos (EU).

Mazrigos (EU)
Yesterday I got my retribution paladin to level 35 and immediately jumped to 247 inscription, my highest level in this profession. I am only making profitable items at the moment rather than power levelling, it did expand my range of glyphs made from Celestial Inks though. Currently the Lion Ink Glyphs seem most profitable and I am adjusting my strategy to focusing on my most profitable glyphs using data gathered over the last 3 weeks.
Here are the headline figures;
Week 1 glyphs sold 76, 500 gold plus stock (estimated 600+ gold)
Week 2 glyphs sold 103, 1500 gold
Week 3 glyphs sold 210, 4500 gold

What follows is a breakdown of my process, I have made a few tweaks here and there over the last few weeks.

I use just two addons, AuctionLite and recently MailOpener, both can be found on Curse. I also made use of a spreadsheet to keep track of the current selling price always adjusting downwards and number of sales of each glyph though I have read of an addon that will do the same thing.

Buying the materials;
at the start I had 30-40 gold to buy herbs but I have repeated the process on another realm just using farming. Of course a smater auctioneer will probably buy out cheap herbs and can then list their own at a higher price. Generally I go through each group of herbs for a particular ink and buy any below the threshold (for Midnight Ink this is 50s) unless I have more than a weeks worth of ink stock. It depends on how much storage space you have to be honest.

Based on this price I have a cost to make of each glyph, currently glyphs made from Midnight Ink cost me around 7.5 gold to make. I will then list one of each glyph (two if someone has listed them for more than my maximum price). AuctionLite allows you to remember the buyout price so this isn’t as time consuming as you might expect. If my buyout is lower than the current minimum bid price I will often adjust upwards. I continue to adjust my price downwards as long as I make an acceptable profit as determined on the spreadsheet. Intially I set this at 5g per glyph but with such a large range available now I have increased my minimum profit.

As I sell glyphs I re-craft and re-list. Remember each realms economy differs, for example on Magtheridon EU I only sold 40 glyphs but made more gold.

I research one glyph each day and if profitable I craft and auction it. From day to day some glyphs may drop below the cost price but will often be worth selling a day or so later

Over the 3 weeks I found some glyphs earned me more gold than others allowing me to focus on those more if I had limited time. 10 glyphs account for two-thirds of gold made from midnight ink glyphs for example. If I have time I also post other glyphs though.

I found it useful to have Herbalism on my scribe due to the XP boost it gives while levelling and just in case there is a sudden lack of supply of a herb group. I am currently unable to gather the Celestial Ink herbs but that should change very soon which stops anyone from trying to force me out of the market by controlling the availability of materials.

Don’t forget to list the non-glyph items, they are essential free to make so any gold they make is extra.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My First week of Cataclysm

So cataclysm has been out for just over a week and in this time quite a few people have gotten to the new level cap. WoW Census has not been updated to cover levels above 80 yet but I am guessing most people with level 80 characters are either at or well on their way to 85.
In the first few days I stuck to my plan of just doing daily quest on my level 80s. Blizzard decided to reduce the XP received for killing mobs if you were above a certain level though;
Level 60+ only 10% XP for killing classic content mobs
Level 70+ only 10% XP for killing Outland mobs
Level 80+ only 10% XP for killing Northrend mobs

I haven’t been on my level 80s in the last few days, instead I have been spending time on making gold at low level using inscription. I wrote before about levelling inscription on Mazrigos EU because I couldn’t afford any glyphs. Well after two weeks and spending around an hour a day on this I have over 2k gold on my level 20 Paladin. I decided to try and see if this would work on a realm that was for ‘New Players’, and rolled a couple of characters on Magtheridon EU.

The economy on Magtheridon is crazy, some midnight ink glyphs are selling for 65-70+ gold each and the herbs are in the 1.1 – 1.5 gold range. In other words you can make over 100 gold by just selling a couple of glyphs. On the other hand other glyphs are selling for less than the value of the mats. It took me a little while to get started, I levelled a Troll Druid as my gatherer. In hindsight it would have been better to level my inscription character first with Herbalism as the other profession. My characters here are currently a level 16 Druid and a level 10 Hunter. At times it has been difficult to buy enough herbs to make even midnight ink. However last night I did get to 250 gold most of which I re-invested in a lot of low price herbs that had just appeared on the market, I also bought a couple of netherweave bags as on character storage was becoming difficult. I can make 56 different glyphs and have sold 21 glyphs so far, almost at level 150 inscription I will need to level my hunter again soon.

So not much love for my main realm, my Warlock is 5% away from level 81, but my Hunter on Hellfire EU has put on a few levels to level 57 and my Paladin on the same realm reached level 66. These will be the character hitting the new content at level 80.

Winter Veil starts today so I will be stepping up my Small Egg farming to make some quick and easy gold, if last year was anything to go by. Unfortunately I will miss the first 7 hours of the event but I am predicting small eggs will sell for 5-10 gold each. Just as well my holiday break starts tomorrow.