Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Gold per Hour - Skinning part II

Skinning in the 10-60 zones

Heavy Leather
Zone: Feralas
Mobs: Feral Scar Yeti (37)
Method: There are Yetis outside the cave, kill and skin these before moving into the tunnel. Beyond the tunnel is a cave complex with three branches. Clear the initial area before moving to the right branch, after clearing this you can jump down to the next branch and follow this to the area you started at then clear the remaining branch. Mobs will start to respawn in the area(s) you previously cleared. When the cave is cleared re-trace your steps back to the tunnel and clear the area outside the tunnel again.
Heavy Leather 130
Thick Leather 64
Heavy Hide 6
Silk Cloth 158
Total gold value 382

Thick Leather
Zone: Un’Goro Crater
Mobs: Dimetradon (49-52)
Method: Start from Marshal’s Stand and kill the Dimetradons immediately to the south, then work your way clockwise around the camp.
Thick Leather 92
Rugged Leather 52
Thick Hide 4
Rugged Hide 4
Total gold value 450

Rugged Leather
Zone: Winterspring
Mobs: Ice Thistle Yeti (51-52)
Method: Clear both sides next to the slope that runs up to the cave proper. I like to kill packs of 4-5, after 3 packs I skin all the corpses. I only go a shortway into the cave before returning to the areas outside.
Thick Leather 63
Rugged Leather 84
Thick Hide 5
Rugged Hide 10
Runecloth 62
Total gold value 581

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